If you think spam killed email as a persuasive marketing medium, then think again. Email marketing works and the proof is in the numbers – DMA puts the ROI for every dollar invested at $40.56(US)! Along with social media and SEO, email marketing continues to be the most effective marketing vehicle, as it is data driven while driving direct sales through a targeted and personal approach. The key is well-timed and focused email – a great means of getting one’s foot in the door.

Whether your venue is strictly online or a brick-and-mortar setup, KO’s email marketing technique has the market cornered on reaching an unprecedented number of prospects while staying connected to your current customers through periodic business updates. An individual is more likely to click on a link rather than have to type in your url to visit your website. The bottom line is that offline advertising is often expensive and a huge drain on resources; with email marketing however, costs are in the pennies – they get to your target audience in seconds and more importantly ROI is exponential.  Customers are appreciative when savings from avoiding expensive mail are passed on to them in the form of discounts. Email marketing campaigns can be automated and can be integrated with other online platforms: specifically one’s website, twitter, facebook, and linkedIn – great “word-of-mouth” marketing.

So what are you waiting for?  Get  in touch with us and let us get your marketing message go viral!